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Whether you're a teacher, a PTA volunteer, or a parent who just wants to help your school, we know how much time it takes to create elementary school yearbooks. That's why TreeRing is one of the best yearbook companies for elementary schools: We make really cool software that helps you do amazing things for your yearbook without making it feel like a full-time job.

Easy Yet Powerful Elementary School Yearbook Software

Elementary school yearbook teams make the most gorgeous yearbooks with TreeRing. That's because we have the easiest, most powerful software out there. Whether you're a first time yearbook editor, or the savviest of yearbook designers, we've got your back. You can choose from 100's of fully-designed yearbook templates and layouts, drag and drop photos and text boxes to make your own pages in our software, or import your designs from programs like InDesign and Photoshop.

We've got you covered, no matter how you want to work on your book.

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Delightful Yearbook Support When & How You Want

Building a yearbook with TreeRing is easy, but sometimes you want some extra help. Want to pick up the phone and talk with someone, no problem. Want to watch a video that shows how something works, we've got 100's. Want to read step-by-step instructions, we've got a library.

There's a reason we call our support team, the Delight Team. If you need help, our passionate experts are available to ensure you have a great yearbook experience.

Yearbook Help When and How You Need It!
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Easy to use and the best customer service! What more can you ask for?!– Megan, Elementary PTA President and Yearbook Chair
Customer Service is impeccable. TreeRing is easy to use and is one of the best yearbook applications I have had the pleasure of using.– Jeff, High School English & Journalism Teacher
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Get More Photos for Your Yearbook Without the Hassle

TreeRing helps you crowdsource yearbook photos from your school community by providing a community Shared Photo Folders solution so you can easily collect, sort, and organize unlimited amounts of photos within TreeRing. Even better it integrates directly with Dropbox, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Instagram. Want to know how much we charge for unlimited photo storage? Zero.

No more clogged inboxes. No more misplaced files. Just more organized photos to create a fantastic elementary school yearbook.

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2 Free Custom Pages for Each Student Makes Them the Star of Their Book

Ever struggle to make sure each student feels equally included in your yearbook? Ever feel like other parents will be disappointed if their child isn't in the book enough? We feel you. With TreeRing, every parent (and student) gets two free, uniquely printed pages, so they can fill their yearbook with photos and memories of their kid that might not otherwise make the cut.

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The Most Eco-Friendly Elementary Yearbook

Does your elementary school care about the environment and combatting climate change? We do too! TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than our name. We're not only helping you save your memories, but doing our part to help save the planet. For each yearbook purchased, we plant a tree in your elementary school's name.

Additionally, we print on partially recycled paper and only produce the exact number of yearbooks parents buy, eliminating unnecessary waste and resources.

Not only can your elementary school feel good about providing students and parents with a yearbook that captures their personal memories in a beautifully produced book, they can also have confidence in the sustainable and environmentally conscious approach we take in producing them. It’s the least we can all do for the next generation.

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No Minimum Yearbook Orders = No Yearbook Sales Stress

Unlike other yearbook companies, you're never locked into a contract or a number of books to sell. Schools stick with us year after year because they love us, not because they have to. TreeRing only prints the number of books that parents and students order, Can you imagine never having to feel the pressure of having to sell a certain number of books again? It's nice.

We keep it simple and focused on making things easy for you. That means less time worrying about boosting sales, and more time for the fun stuff: Like capturing the students' memories on great pages or getting some much needed sleep.

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Make the Elementary Yearbook a Fundraiser

raised for schools (and counting!)

Wouldn't it be great if your yearbook could help buy your elementary school new Chromebooks, iPads or fund a new STEM or arts program. We think so too! TreeRing has already helped schools raise more than $5 million and funded all kinds of wonderful things for schools. Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser. TreeRing charges just 5% processing to cover the credit card and bank fees.

We didn't just stop there. We've also added the option to sell recognition ads to your parents if you'd like. Simply set the price you'd like to charge (or make them free) and we'll handle the rest.

An elementary school yearbook company that actually pays you? You read that right.

Raise Money with Your Yearbook Program

Build an Elementary School Yearbook That Lasts a Lifetime

Your children's memories matter, and therefore the materials we use matter. These are books that you want to stand the test of time. All our elementary school yearbooks are high-end, well-crafted books printed on thick 100lb, recycled paper to make your photos pop right off the page year after year.

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No Cost. No Catch. (No Kidding.)

If you haven't figured it out by now, our goal as an elementary school yearbook company is to help you create your best yearbook yet. Our pricing is transparent, we don't like hidden fees. So, you can say goodbye to signing contracts, guessing how many books you'll need, and meeting multiple deadlines throughout the year.

We'll leave that stuff to the traditional yearbook companies and plant a tree in your school's name for every book you sell, instead.

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Receive Your Elementary School Yearbooks in 3 Weeks

Teacher appreciation week, student parent dances, and all the other activities that happen at the end of the school year will no longer be forgotten. Our 3 week turnaround time means you can include Spring activities in your Elementary school yearbook. To take this a step further, we won't load you down with deadlines on things like portrait uploads, or cover art through out the year to make this happen. Just choose one final deadline--that can be changed anytime you need--3 weeks before you'd like your yearbooks to arrive. It's that simple.

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As a yearbook advisor, I'm very sensitive about including each student in as many photos as possible. TreeRing's free custom pages help me solve that.- Jane DodsonBroken Ground Elementary
Fantastic customer service, great product. Super easy to create! Thank you!- Beth DubeColumbia Independent School
TreeRing eliminated a HUGE headache by collecting all the yearbook payments for us and keeping track of who had placed orders.- Amy OlsenLoma Prieta Elementary
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