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Everyone's Included
Jane Dodson
As a yearbook advisor, I’m very sensitive about including each student in as many photos as possible. TreeRing’s free custom pages help me solve that.
Jane Dodson
Broken Ground Elementary
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Made to Last
Leigh Holztman
TreeRing is very user friendly and fun to use. I have two under my belt now and I’ve been told these are the best yearbooks our school has ever had.
Leigh Holztman
Northside Catholic Academy
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Easy to Use
Dr. Jamie Walker
Outstanding software and navigation with lovely layout and graphic image choices. Easy to use for students and faculty alike.
Dr. Jamie Walker
McClymonds High School
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Personalized Pages
Isela Estrada
Our school couldn’t stop raving about the custom pages. I think it’s one of the best perks of using TreeRing!
Isela Estrada
Guy Emanuele Elementary
Isela Estrada, Guy Emanuele Elementary
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Professionally Printed & Flexible
Jerry Dawson
Our TreeRing yearbooks came out so professional looking, as if I’d sent it to a traditional publisher, but I didn’t have to pay $80 per book.
Jerry Dawson
C.W. Harris Elementary
Jerry Dawson, C.W. Harris Elementary
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Powerful Yearbook Software
Jenny Hancey
All of the parent volunteers could create pages directly using the TreeRing software. They found it easy and approachable.
Jenny Hancey
Elk Creek Elementary
Jenny Hancey, Elk Creek Elementary
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Beautifully Printed
Ryan Novack
TreeRing is so great because the yearbook is the highest quality with a beautiful cover and professional-grade printed photos.
Ryan Novack
George Washington High School
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Custom Pages
Joy Mayani
For the students (and even the faculty and staff) it really was a cool experience to be able to put the photos they wanted in their copy of the yearbook.
Joy Mayani
Manual Arts Senior High School
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Create Pages Easily
Rob Reynolds
My yearbook team was able to figure out how to create pages so easily that within a few sessions they were teaching me tools and tricks.
Rob Reynolds
Peterson Elementary School
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This is Why We Do What We Do

Making the switch to TreeRing was the best decision I ever made as a yearbook advisor. The stress has gone down and the enjoyment has gone up! More time, greater flexibility, and student customization have all led to better yearbooks and greater student engagement. The always improving technology, the top-shelf customer and advisor support, and their built-for-the-green-future model of business put them at the top of the class. When I started as a yearbook advisor working with the old school company I inherited, I thought I might last a few years before the stress burned me out. With TreeRing, I plan on doing this until I retire!
Matt Jones
Mission Oak High School
Ina Greenwood
They loved, loved, loved custom pages. Oh, and by the way, our school loved custom pages.
Ina Greenwood
Parry Sound High School
Nancy Se
The custom pages empowered each student who buys a yearbook to be the narrator of their high school experience.
Nancy Se
Augustus Hawkins High School
TreeRing was great! Your staff always aswered questions and helped us through our first time using TreeRing. We will use it again next year. Thank you!
Kristina Holdren
Adams School
Love Treering! Will be back next year. Thanks for your hard work.
Kim Raisbeck
All Saints Day School
WONDERFUL! I have really enjoyed putting our schools year book together. Thank you so much for having an alternative to the old school yearbook companies.
Stacy Haynes
Brighton Private School
Fantastic customer service, great product. Super easy to create! Thank you!
Beth Dube
Columbia Independent School
Our school LOVES TreeRing!
Kim Castro
Cox Mill Elementary
What a wonderful tool! Thank you for making it so easy and fun!! I hope to use this for my kids hockey team as well! Can you add some hockey graphics?!! :) Thank you!! Everyone who works at Tree Ring is super nice and helpful.
Victoria Holland
Commodore Sloat
Support is WONDERFUL. I love the flyers available this year, and I'll definitely take advantage of them next year.
Rebecca Dickenson
Eagleton Elementary
We are a small school that typically lost several hundred dollars each year on our yearbook. With TreeRing, we put out a great product and stayed in budget.
Yusra Millenbaugh
Elisio C. Felix Elementary School
This is our fifth year with TreeRing and we are very delighted we found you. The last five yearbooks have been the greatest in our school history. The theme selection, and your help with customazation is impressive. We are so excited with your addition of PDF proofs. Thanks to having PDFs available, we were able to print and edit it by our yearbook staff. It is so much easier to see any corrections in the PDF pages. Your staff is always so eager to accomodate any possible request. We truly love everything about your company. Thanks for everything you do.
Sylvia Garcia
Champion Prep Academy
This year our school decided to use TreeRing for our yearbook. What a great experience! The customer service reps that we were in contact with via email and on the phone were exceptional! Great attitudes and always happy to help answer any question. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with!
Dawn Elliott
John D Perkins Elementary School
Awesome staff! Always willing to answer my questions. This was my first time putting together the yearbook and everyone that helped me made it easier. I wish I could remember all of their names but I do remember Patrice. She was really great. All of them were!
Michael Michalski
Heritage Lakes Elementary School
Really great company, good experience from beginning to end. Thank you!!!Grace Christian Academy
Karen Osier
Grace Christian Academy
Easy to use and the best customer service! What more can you ask for?!
Megan Van Zelst
Klockner Elementary School
This is our 4th year and every one has been great! Thank you for your great quality, outstanding customer service, and for planting a tree for each book purchased. TreeRing's mission is perfectly aligned with our school community's goal of preserving memories and being conscious citizens of the world. You are awesome!
Briana Castillo
Key West Montessori Charter School
Thank you for providing this service. This is my first time ever working on a yearbook and at first I was skeptical, but your service is so easy to follow that I'm ready to do it again. Your customer service staff replied promptly when a question or doubt arose. Once again, THANK YOU!!!
Aileen Valenzuela
Living Springs Academy
What a wonderful easy to use company and website. We love Treering!!
Meg Whalen
La Fetra Elementary
I tell people often that TreeRing is the best company I have ever worked with! Thank you!
Diana Carmany
Morro Bay Montessori
I am very satisfied with using TreeRing! I find the program easy to use and when I require help you provide friendly, helpful service.
Sonia Pizzinato
Mother Teresa Catholic School
How likely am I to recommend?--you're asking the wrong question. The right question should be how many times have a I recommended? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Treering. So many options. I've been doing this for a couple of years and am still learning new stuff. As long as you're in business, you have my business.
LeAnn Stetson
Open Door Christian School
Loved the massive amount of choices in everything! The software was easy to use and customize. Great customer service as well. Thanks!
Christy Stockdale
Parkview Christian School
As always, great company, great experience! We love TreeRing
Katrina Barma
Paul Revere School
Everyone I've dealt with at TreeRing has been PHENOMENAL. Thank you for great customer service!!
Llyswen Franks
Roscomare Road Elementary School
Your site is awesome! Treering support has given us great suggestions, and are very timely with their responses. This is my first time ever creating a yearbook, and your company made it fun and very user-friendly.
Michelle Momsen
St. Francis Solano
TreeRing has been so wonderful! We can't wait to use it again next year! Thank you!
Jennifer Cruz
St. Mary of the Woods School
TreeRing is awesome! Thank you for being patient with us this year. I have done the book the last two years and passed the torch this year. The new parent volunteers found your site as easy to work with as I did. Thank you!
MaryAnn Larson
Triumphant Learning Center
Awesome website!! So easy to use!!
Megan Felcyn
Walton Charter Academy
TreeRing is by far the best option for school with little to no budget for purchasing yearbooks. We only receive what was ordered.
Angelique Moulton
Westwood Elementary/ Spring Branch ISD
I thought TreeRing was easy to use and I rarely needed help. I just jumped right in and started creating my yearbook.
Amanda Stewart
St. Patrick School
The support staff was very eager and willing to help. Always available and with just the right information and assistance
Amanda Dezort Wittenkeller
St. Agnes of Bohemia School
Students loved the custom pages. I even loved it because I bought and customized my own book so I could remember the things I did at Queen of Angels this year!
Kent Jager
Queen of Angels Elementary
My school loved the custom pages. The fact they didn't add to the base cost of the book was very appealing
Susan Veilleux
Marsh Grammar School
TreeRing eliminated a HUGE headache by collecting all the yearbook payments for us and keeping track of who had placed orders.
Amy Olson
Loma Prieta Elementary
Previous years we had to order a large amount of books and hope that they were all sold, which they weren't. Using TreeRing, we didn't have to order any that were not already paid for by parents. Our yearbook earned us money!
Jennifer Arden
Woodland Park Academy
The pre-designed templates were simple yet elegant. Made it easy to add the personal touch of the school and community.
Cleveland Grimes
McMeen Elementary School
Customer support at TreeRing has always been top notch. I have never had a bad experience when dealing with anyone at TreeRing, and that is why it is one of my favorite companies to work with!
Matt Specht
Core Academy
The templates and pre-designed themes took all the worry and stress out of creating a yearbook from scratch.
Nichelle Payton
Mount Zion Elementary
The template and pre-designed themes made yearbook making a breeze. Honestly, at first I thought this would be hard task, but even for the not-so-tech-savy person like myself, Treering made it nice and simple.
Mayra Medina
KIPP Sharp
Our school has not had someone to put together a yearbook in over 7 years- and that last one was all black and white. I am a photographer and a teacher and this year I volunteered to put the yearbook together (IN FOUR DAYS!!!) and I think it turned out fantastic! I am super impressed with layout and design options as well as background choices. I also needed a refresher and watched the tutorial videos available and they were very helpful- thank you for making it easy! I will be a tree ring customer for a very long time to come! Awesome job on your part! =)
Shalyn Rocha
Washington Elementary School
It's great to get a quality yearbook and have no leftover books or lose any money!
Cecilee Tureman
Sawtooth Elementary
IT'S PERFECT!!! My district is going to LOVE it! Thanks for all your support. I'll be showing it off like a first child!
Jeni Moriarity
Helen Morgan Elementary
The templates and pre-designed templates made creating the yearbook a breeze.
Lynn DeMoss
Jack C. Binion Elementary
I'm new to Tree Ring from a small school. Everyone I've spoken with has treated me like a longtime customer. I look forward to a long, mutually rewarding relationship with Tree Ring.
Tom Cosgrove
West Town Academy
Always a pleasure to work with a company that creates a quality book and is always on target with deadlines and dates. Pricing is amazing as well.
Ray Kellar
Dunsmuir High School
You guys are amazing! This has been the best yearbook expierence! We are excited to work with you next year!
Jessica Hall
California Virtual Academies, Lancaster
I think this is a great software and a great resource for schools to create yearbooks without any worries. Thanks, TreeRing!
Brenda Medina
Major General Raymond Murray High School
I've been very happy with all the customer support, the program, and the final product! Excellent.
Shari Knowlse
Valley Pathways School
Way better than our previous yearbook provider. Our rep, Kris Crowley was amazing and always returned emails and phone calls. Thank you!
Albert Vazquez-Mejia
Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy
We were able to order only the exact number of books we needed. Not only did we avoid additional fees or leftover books, we were able to raise money for our school through the yearbook.
Angela Smith
Vidalia High School
Since this was my first year advising the yearbook, I felt uneasy. TreeRing quickly dissipated my apprehensions.
Steven Hall
Mission Heights Preparatory High School
Honestly, I didn't know trees were planted...how awesome!! We'll be using TreeRing next year.
Paulette Worthy
Gateway Community School
In past years we had many leftover books due to having to sign a multiyear contract which included a minimum book purchase. This year, we ordered only the number of books we sold, and the cost was much lower.
Susan Jardim
Concordia High School
The students and parents loved having the custom pages. They were able to put any picture they wanted in, and it made the book more personal to them.
Tiffany Chrisman
Lucy C. Laney High School
By only printing books that are ordered, and not demanding preorders, we don't lose money, we make money!
Melissa Luchsinger
North Lakes Academy
Everyone–from kids to admin and staff–have commented about how fun they find the custom pages.
Melinda Viren
Animo Inglewood Charter High
We really enjoy the idea of customized pages in your own yearbook.
Tamii Johnson
Forest Charter School
I appreciate the patience of the customer service representatives each time I called with a question. This is our groups first yearbook and our first experience using TreeRing. There were many nice features and our group really liked having the option to order hard or soft covers. They also like the custom page option as well. We are looking forward to receiving our finished project. I would definitely recommend TreeRing to other groups like ours.
Melissa Charles
Hillcrest Homeschool
Simple tools that make a great looking yearbook. SOOOO much happier than trying to create using Adobe... THANK YOU!
Timothy Shumway
Kenny Lake School
We started the yearbook a bit late, and all the students found TreeRing intuitive and logical to use. We love that you provide full color printing and don't require us to buy a minimum number of books: a huge deal for a small school like ours. We are excited to continue working with TreeRing in the future.
Bryan Mack
Owens Valley Unified School District
Customer Service is impeccable. Treering is easy to use and is one of the best yearbook applications I have had the pleasure of using.
Jeff Hales
Omega Private Academy
The interface is easy to use and everyone on the staff who I've been in touch with has been helpful and prompt to answer. We will definitely be using this service again next year!
Kristen Steege
Raw Learning
Your company is the bomb diggidity of yearbook companies! It was the best experience in customer service, user friendliness, and overall layout options. We'll be back again. Thanks for planting trees and being such an awesome company to work with.
Maggie Hennessy
Plumas Charter School
TreeRing is easier to use than PowerPoint. Add that to the beautiful prints, recycled paper and a tree planted for every book, I will ALWAYS use TreeRing!
Somerset Gallmeyer
Bennett Academy
The yearbook is GORGEOUS!! I love TreeRing and love that it is printed on recycled paper and a tree is planted for each purchased book! The support staff is amazing!
Somerset Gallmeyer
Bennett Academy
This is the best website I have ever used to publish something on. Thanks!
Rachel Jones
Del Crest Middle School
This is the best yearbook program! We loved the layouts and the custom pages. It was nice not having to deal with the orders at all.
Hannah Rierderer
Highland Park Middle School
We will continue to use TreeRing for years to come!
Jessica Safe
Idabel Middle School
I appreciate having the option of quickly ordering flyers to send out to our students and parents. The option of having Spanish flyers saves me time spent translating, which I am thankful for! As a busy yearbook adviser, I love that your company makes my job so much easier--including being able to skip time in the copy room!
Jen Rowe
South Valley Middle School
We love the colors! We love the graphics! The fonts are fun. It is easy to edit, add photos, and add text. Wish we could work on individual pages, instead of having two pages locked; however, it is still easy to navigate around the pages and work on them. We love all the options! Looking forward to next year!
Robin Harford
Schoenbar Middle School
Great and prompt customer service. Easy to use program!
Monique Oxer
Lake Placid Middle School
I love your company! My 7th and 8th graders used the on-line platform with ease. The designs and layouts are awesome! We all love that TreeRing plants a tree for every book purchased. Thank you so much for being wonderful!
Danielle Sabol
Pembroke Middle School

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