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There are many different ways to slice a pizza. The same applies to yearbook page layouts. A good page composition should be beautiful to the eye, have a focal point, and communicate the messages clearly.

Science spread in yearbook.

Unique Yearbook Ideas Using Colors & Fonts

Finding the right set of fonts and colors can be intimidating given the number of options out there. Rather than simply sticking to your school's colors or holiday colors, we've curated advice from some of the best graphic designers out there to help you with everything from mixing fonts, to understanding the color wheel, so your design will compliment the content of your yearbook pages perfectly.

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Yearbook Design Ideas to Create the Perfect Page Layouts

A good visual design draws your eye to a specific point, and then carries your eye through the page. Learn how to build visual hierarchy using the golden ratio, negative space, and a few other ideas on your yearbook spreads.

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Update your yearbook with some non-traditional design tips such as dropping photos in shapes or text, add semi-transparent color to the top of your images, or include text inside an image. The sky's the limit.

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