Powerful Yet Simple Yearbook Software

Making a yearbook is a lot of work, but it can be fun too. We built our yearbook software to take away as much of the hard work as possible, so you and your yearbook staff can focus on the fun stuff. No more fighting with changes in portraits, or keeping track of yearbook purchases, whether it's making your yearbook, managing your yearbook staff, or collaborating with your community, we eliminate the pain, so you can focus on capturing your school's year in a beautiful yearbook.

Finally, Yearbook Design Software that's Powerful AND Easy to Use

Picking out your yearbook theme. Designing beautiful pages. Writing copy to cover the story of your year. This is what yearbook teams should get to focus on, not getting trained on or struggling with out-dated software. We built the most powerful, easy-to-use yearbook software there is.

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Manage Your Yearbook Staff With Ease

Whether your yearbook staff are parent volunteers or students, managing any team can be a challenge. To remove some of the burden, we made sure that from within our software you can assign different roles to your staff, collaborate, mark pages done, and communicate with your team. Both you and your staff will feel empowered to be creative, organized, and successful!

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Marketing the Yearbook & Getting Yearbook Photos Has Never Been Easier

School community involvement in the yearbook is crucial, whether that's making them aware of how to buy the book, help contribute photos, or participate in the annual yearbook signing party, you need your community to be involved. From yearbook sales and online purchases, to digital signature capabilities we've got you covered.

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