Collaborate With Your School Community

Crowdsource Yearbook Photos

Get more photos for your yearbook by sourcing them from your parents, students and teachers. With TreeRing's yearbook software you can create shared photo folders that your entire community can add photos to.

Upload Photos from Anywhere

We understand that all communities store school photos in different places, so we've made sure that our yearbook software will easily allow you to upload from anywhere. Facebook, Instagram? Yup. Google Drive, Google Photos? Got it. Or if you've got photos on your mobile phone or desktop, we can upload from there too, what ever is best for you.

Yearbook Sales Made Simple

TreeRing doesn't make your school commit to minimum orders meaning no financial pressure, but it's still something you'll want to do, so we wanted to make it easy. You can add links to your communities facebook page. You can send emails directly to just those parents who haven't yet purchased. On top of all this, we have a bunch of professionally designed flyers for you to use. If you'd like to have some printed, no problem, we'll do that for free, cause fees just aren't our thing.

Keep Your Yearbook Community Accurate

Sometimes students change schools, or a parent accidentally creates two accounts. Our yearbook software helps you keep your community organized. You can quickly merge or separate student accounts, and add or remove students throughout the year as things change.

Manage Your Yearbook Program Like a Pro

Call it your very own mission control. Right from your dashboard, you can see who has purchased and who hasn't. See a running total of how much money you have raised for your school through out the year. You'll also be able to get a tally of how many trees will be planted in your school's name. All this and more in one handy place.

Build a Yearbook for the Internet Generation

Technology has changed the way students socialize. With TreeRing, students can e-sign their friends yearbook with photos and stickers which can be printed on their free custom pages just in their yearbook. We call it yearbooking for the internet generation.

Raise Money with Recognition Ads

Set your price per size, and let our yearbook software do the rest. When parents login to buy the book, they will be given the opportunity to purchase. Parents get to celebrate their children, and you get to provide your school some extra money to cover the cost of new cameras, field trips, or whatever you might need.

Build Custom Pages & Buy Yearbooks from Your Mobile Device

For the parents in your community who are on-the-go, they can do everything from their mobile device. They can add photos to your communities shared folders, design their students custom pages, and purchase their students yearbook right in the palm of their hand.

Seeing is believing, give TreeRing a try!

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