Manage Your Yearbook Staff With Ease

Organize Your Photos in Shared Folders

TreeRing's yearbook software let's you build your own shared folders for your yearbook staff to use for everything from retakes and doubles to sports and clubs. Have a private spot for just you and your yearbook editors rather than the entire community.

Assign Roles and Permissions to Your Yearbook Staff

Grant some users an all access pass to your yearbook by making them the Chief Editor, or limit their responsibilities by making them a Staff Editor or Restricted Staff Editor. Some people on your yearbook team may only need to add photos or edit text, while others need more responsibility. The choice is yours, decide what's right for everyone in your community.

Assign Yearbook Pages & Spreads to Your Staff

With TreeRing's yearbook software you're entire yearbook staff will be able to edit only those pages you have assigned them. Making it clear for the editors to understand their responsibilities and easy for you to manage in one place.

See Your Staffs Progress at-a-Glance

Once a page is finished, the editors of that page can mark it complete. Now you know where your progress is at, and your finished pages are safe from uninteded edits.

Collaborate with Your Yearbook Staff in One Place

Make suggestions and share ideas on each page within the book. Get notified each time you go into edit the book if their are new notes, comments, or questions to read.

Ensure Consistent Design Throughout the Yearbook

Set the theme, photo styles, text styles, and more in one place for your entire yearbook. Define all of it, none of it, or just some of it. What ever fits your yearbook style.

Easily Access Your Favorite Templates & Backgrounds

With so many professionally designed templates, it could be easy to forget where you and your yearbook staffs favorite ones are. Simply click the stars on the ones you like and they will all be in one spot moving forward.

Seeing is believing, give TreeRing a try!

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