Simple Per Book Pricing

Our yearbook pricing is simple. You choose the size, cover, and page count and you get a price per book. There are no minimum orders, no hidden fees, no additional shipping cost, etc. Traditional companies will try to trick you with a low book price, but add lots of other fees that make it difficult to understand the actual cost of the yearbook. Not sure which options to choose? Learn more about our cover types and print quality.

Select Book Options

Number of Pages

Not sure how many pages to choose?

It's completely up to you, but here are some guidelines for schools we've seen:

  • 50 students or less: 32 pages
  • 50-300 students: 40 pages
  • 300-500 students: 64 pages
  • 800-1000 students: 80 pages
  • 1000+ students: 100-400 pages
Cover Type

Cover Types

  • Soft Cover Only: Students and parents will only receive soft cover books.
  • Soft Cover (Option to Upgrade): Students and parents will be given the option to receive a soft cover book or upgrade to a hard cover book while purchasing.
  • Hard Cover: Students and parents will only receive hard cover books.

Book Size

  • 8.5 x 11 inches: Typical yearbook size.
  • 9 x 12 inches: Larger book size usually for larger high schools and colleges. (hard cover books only)

Cover Finish

  • Glossy: Typical yearbook cover is coated with a glossy finish, making photographs and other images look beautiful.
  • Matte: A more modern, non-glossy, dull finish for detailed, crisp printing.
  • Gold Foil: A gold foil effect can be added to any part of the cover to stand out.
  • Silver Foil: A silver foil effect can be added to any part of the cover to stand out.
  • Matte Glossy Emboss: A raised glossy texture, added to any part of a matte cover, to stand out.

Price Per Book

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Shipping to School
Cost Per Book

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