Yearbook Fundraising Made Simple

Wouldn't it be great if your yearbook could help buy your school new Chromebooks, iPads or fund a new STEM or arts program. We think so too! TreeRing has already helped schools raise more than $5 million and funded all kinds of wonderful things for schools. Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser. TreeRing charges just 5% processing to cover the credit card and bank fees.

We didn't just stop there. We've also added the option to sell recognition ads to your parents if you'd like. Simply set the price you'd like to charge (or make them free) and we'll handle the rest.

raised for schools (and counting!)

Raise Money From Yearbook Sales

Our books are so fairly priced, you don't need to feel guilty about adding a fundraiser to the cost of the book. Let's say the core price of your book is $45, and you add a $5 fundraiser. If you sell 500 books, you will have raised $2,375 for your school! That could cover the cost of a few educational field trips!

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Parents Celebrate Their Children & Help the School

If you'd like to raise some extra money for your school, you can turn on recognition ads and set the fundraiser amount for each of the ad sizes you are providing. If you'd like us to manage the payments, no problem, we will simply charge 5% to cover the bank/credit card fees. Recognition ads can be set as no cost to parents, if you'd like too. It's as flexible as you want.

From Yearbook Loss to Profit

Ryan Novack is the former yearbook advisor at George Washington High School, one of the largest high schools in San Francisco. He helped the school reverse its trend of accumulating more than $50,000 in debt from its time working with stale traditional yearbook companies.

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Yes, this is a photo of the actual Ryan Novack.  No joke.

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