It's an Uncertain World Right Now, TreeRing Can Help You Handle it

With Today's Uncertainty, Flexibility is Paramount

Traditional yearbook companies' rigid terms and commitments are not built to support schools in times of uncertainty (compare yearbook companies). Adhering to multiple deadlines while commiting to book sales and page counts is impossible when you don't even know how many events will be taking place this year. We believe that schools, parents, and students should be given the flexibility and freedom to build a yearbook without the stress of ANY commitments.

Finish Your Book When You're Ready

With TreeRing there's only one deadline, the day you want to finish your book. Three weeks from that day, your books will arrive to your students. Period. Want to change that date, no problem. The date can be moved at any time, to any date you need. The choice is yours.

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Ship Your Yearbooks to Your School, or Directly to Each Student's Home

We offer free sorting (alphabetical, by grade, by classroom) and free bulk shipping to the school. Can't pass out the books at school? Want to include graduation? You can have the books shipped directly to each student's home for a flat-rate shipping fee.

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Decrease (or Increase) Your Pages or Even Cancel Your Book

Should something change and you need to decrease your page count, we will let you do that anytime before you hit print ready! Need to cancel your school's book altogether (we hope not), you can do that without worrying about incurring any fees. Your school never pays us anything, and your parents only pay if they decide to buy a book. No fees. No worries. No stress.

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Give Students the Flexibility to Digitally Sign Each Others Yearbooks

Students can send and request as many signatures as they'd like. They can personalize their signature with photos or one of our hundreds of stickers. Then each student can decide which signatures they want to add to their 2 free custom pages.

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Collecting Content from your School is Easier than Ever!

Now more than ever it's important to get photos and help from your community. Our shared folders and mobile apps make it extremely easy to collect content from your school during distance learning and remote events. By making it simple for everyone to submit photos, you're guaranteed to have everything you need to build a unique book this year.

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Thousands of Innovative Page Ideas at Your Fingertips

This year is like no other. Finding inspiration is more challenging than simply looking at what has been done in prior years. Look no further, we have many predesigned templates covering the year's events. We offer recognition ads for you to take advantage of to fill space in a unique way, or raise extra funds for your school. We also have an ever-growing list of ideas on our blog that speak specifically to this year's challenges. Check it out.

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